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Trustworthy secure modular operating system engineering - hannes, David Kaloper

31c3 - Science - 12/27/2014

We present Mirage OS, a modular library operating system developed from scratch in the functional programming language OCaml. Each service, called unikernel, is an OCaml application using libraries such as a TCP/IP stack, DNS. It is either compiled to a Xen virtual machine image or to a Unix binary (for development). State in 2014 is that it runs on x86 and arm, we implemented a clean-slate TLS (1.0, 1.1, 1.2), X.509, ASN.1 stack, crypto primitives, Off-the-record. We also have TCP/IP, HTTP, a persistent branchable store (similar to git) - all implemented in OCaml. A virtual machine serving data via https is roughly 2MB in size - no libc inside :)

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