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Lightning Talks Day 2 - gedsic, bigalex

36c3 - CCC - 12/28/2019

Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any congress participant may give! Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to your party or assembly! Whatever you bring, make it quick!

Time Title (Language) Abstract Author
0:18 Lightning Talks Introduction Day 2 (en) A short introduction to the Lightning Talks Day 2 session gedsic
0:45 freewvs - a free web vulnerability scanner (en) freewvs is a little tool that allows to locally scan filesystems for known vulnerable web applications. Hanno Böck
4:31 Pocket Science Lab (en) PSLab is a small USB powered open hardware extension for your Android phone or PC that lets you measure all kinds of things. Marc Nause
8:25 JMAP & (en) An introduction to the JSON Meta Application Protocol, a spiritual successor to IMAP & Submission, and into one of the first clients to use it. Daniel Gultsch
13:52 Badge Magic (en) Magically Create Text and Cliparts on LED Name Badges using Bluetooth Mario Behling
19:33 PathAuditor: finding privilege escalation bugs with dynamic instrumentation (en) PathAuditor is a tool to detect file accesses in which an unprivileged user might have messed with the path. The impact can range from DoS to LPE. tsuro
24:44 Axolotl - A crossplatform signal client (en) Axoltol is a signal client written in go and vuejs. This talk is about the history of the project, difficulties and future. nanu-c/Aaron Kimmig
29:28 Congress Design on an Oscilloscope (en) How to connect JavaScript with an analoge oscilloscope quanten
33:32 Are You ready to sustain IT? (de) After decades of taking exponentially growing resources for granted, IT finally has to content with zero growth. Can you cope with that?
38:40 Free Pascal - An Open Source, Cross Platform, Object Pascal Compiler (en) This talk will provide a short overview of Free Pascal, an open source, cross platform, Object Pascal compiler. PascalDragon
43:44 Telnet-Challenge A.K.A Winkekatzen-Challenge (de) Announcement and short introduction to the \\ Telnet-Challenge A.K.A Winkekatzen-Challenge. \\ WIN A FREE SHIRT dondario
47:04 Uncoventional tactics for online campaigning (en) Are there alternatives for petitions? A creative approach to online campaigning. Lena Rieger
51:20 TSDB mal anders (de) Was kann man abseits von Monitoring mit Grafana und Time series databases machen? zivillian
55:37 Five Easy Things to fix Machine Learning (en) There are five simple rules to follow when researching in Machine Learning. They make your work easier to verify. 2martens
59:06 Accessibility for (adult) autistics at larger events (en) Basic guide how to care for autistics at larger events Benjamin Wand
1:02:18 Delay/Disruption-Tolerant Networking with dtn7-go (en) Introducing Delay/Disruption-Tolerant Networking (DTN) through the dtn7-go software to be used for ad hoc networks with no or limited infrastructure. Alvar Penning
1:07:58 Tesla Radar (en) Tesla vehicles with 'Phone Key' transmit a unique ID.Tesla Radar tracks these IDs and creates a heat-map in order to raise awareness for the issue. Martin Herfurt @mherfurt
1:13:35 Open Source Licenses: Where they come from (en) Introduction to Open Source Initiative's license review process. Hong Phuc Dang
1:17:30 Soldering Workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area (en) I will give an overview of the workshops taught at the Hardware Hacking Area. Emily Hammes
1:21:50 Exciting developments around Linux on Phones (en) There have been countless attempts to dethrone Android. Many tried, many failed. But 2020 might be the year we finally see this change! Jan Sprinz
1:26:50 Hacking Ecology - Four projects where you can help! (de) Four projects are presented where you can help nature and people. Later we meet at Wikipaka (2019-12-29, 19:00–22:00) for a small hackathon. Mario
1:30:57 Make peace & time with accounting (en) Accounting is not very fun and is not taught at school, yet this talk will try to convince you that it is as important as brushing your teeth. Louis Opter
1:37:50 Do-ocracy done well (en) Lessons learned from five years of experimenting with do-ocracy. How to solve internal conflict and give power to the people who do stuff! Merlijn Sebrechts
1:43:05 Open Laser Tag (en) We are building a easy to build open source laser tag system. zeud, Florian
1:48:40 Free Binary Analysis Course (en) Do you want to analyse malware, but are you unsure how? Do you want to learn more, but do you not know where? Follow this course to get a head start! Max 'Libra' Kersten

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